What Makes Sibiu Special? In short, the city's student population, which takes the aesthetic German heritage and blends it with style and enjoyment. German culture is so entrenched that Oktoberfest is Sibiu's most celebrated event and the most anticipated day of the year. You can read about our Oktoberfest adventure here. Sibiu is the richest and largest of the 7 cities (Siebenburgen) founded by the German Saxons in Transylvania. Until the 1940s, the majority of the population was German. This German heritage has completely shaped the culture and architecture of this city. Since the first university opened in 1920, the city has had a significant student population. It is called the biggest castle of culture & art in Romania. In 2007, it was chosen as the European Capital of Culture together with Luxembourg. Although the sweet restaurants and cafes built into the Saxon architecture and the pubs crowded with young people in the evenings bring dynamism to the city, the street